Programa No.15 del año, y esto es lo que sonó...


rola --- BANDA

princess of the night --- SAXON
painkiller --- JUDAS PRIEST
wasted --- DEF LEPPARD
laying down the law --- CLOVEN HOOF
i'm no fool --- GASKIN
am i evil --- DIAMOND HEAD
bring your daughter ... to the slaughter --- IRON MAIDEN
death or glory --- HOLOCAUST
treason --- A II Z
blitzkrieg --- BLITZKRIEG
demolition boys --- GIRLSCHOOL
killers --- TYGERS OF PAN-TANG
angel dust --- VENOM
back street woman --- JAGUAR
witchfinder general --- WITCHFINDER GENERAL
red lights --- BLACK AXE
fight with the devil --- HOLLOW GROUND
dont need your money --- RAVEN
child in time --- DEEP PURPLE
killed by death --- MOTÖRHEAD