Programa No.10 del año, y esto es lo que sonó...

rola --- BANDA

is this love --- WHITESNAKE
cambaral --- AVALANCH
alone --- HEART
lo que siento por ti --- ALUX NAHUAL
talisman --- RATA BLANCA
when the world come down --- MAGNUM
always --- BON JOVI
un sentimiento de amor --- ANGELES DEL INFIERNO
still loving you --- SCORPIONS
goodnight l.a. --- STRANGEWAYS
maite zaitut --- MAGO DE OZ
carrie --- EUROPE
love hurts --- NAZARETH
por siempre --- MERIDIAM
don't know what you got --- CINDERELLA
did it all for love --- PHENOMENIA LI
always gonna love you --- GARY MOORE
give it a try --- BONFIRE
hungry --- DARXON
the deeper the night --- STEELER
keep on loving you --- REO SPEEDWAGON