Ashtar was founded in 1997 by Luiz Garcia and Daniel Dobbin. The band started as a "progressive doom metal" and the celtic feeling was added to it later on. The past years had lots of line up changes and has been busy, filled up with the release of our first album Urantia, 3 european tours, the appearance in Mexico´s Baja Prog festival, important concerts in Brazil and the upcoming release of our official DVD.

The influence comes from the spiritual world, as in serene and in tormented souls. The questions, the answers, feelings, emotions, past lives and civilizations in all kind of experiences. Ashtar is what we call "Spiritual World Metal". As for the genre, well, listen for yourself...


1. An Oidche Dhorcha (2:03)
2. Urantia (12:11)
3. Arriving At Skye (1:01)
4. Druid Dream (3:56)
5. Amazing Grace (2:44)
6. Children Of The Mist (8:51)
7. The Misty Dawn (1:07)
8. Oblivious Scars (9:34)
9. The First Star (1:10)
10. Nemesis (10:52)
11. Madainn Trаth (4:53)

Estilo: Progressive Metal, Folk Metal, Celtic Metal
País: Brasil