Programa No.21 del año, y esto es lo que sonó...

Death Metal

rola --- BANDA

despedazando muertos --- ASESINO
thanatos --- THE APPARATUS
exodo --- MASACRE
chewed to stubs --- BROKEN HOPE
a funeral for the masses --- TORTURE KILLER
brutal wish --- SANCTUM REGNUM
shut da fuck up --- INZEST
bleeding for supremacy --- ADRAMELECH
labyrinth of memories --- VALHALLA
sensual sickness --- DECAPITATED
through the primordial void --- ABOMINANT
terrorismo --- ESCABIOS
the black chasm --- EVILHEART
beyond --- AGRESSION
inis mona --- ELUVEITIE
down --- CONVERGE
blood on the swans --- KATAKLYSM
origin of a crystal soul --- HAGGARD
in search of the perfect torture --- PUNGENT STENCH
manipulation --- SIX FEET UNDER